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“John and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of our entire tribe. ¬†Leyla and Emmi Jellybean are sitting right here with me as I write, and the entire family (including Gwenn upstairs sleeping under the comforter) is in wondrous harmony since your session with us yesterday.” ¬†– Susan Moreschi

“Christine has so much respect and love for animals as beautiful, wise and full beings that it makes the communication she brings very real, alive. The way Christine spoke to Mika and me made me see Mika in a new way. I felt like I knew her like you know a person, her past and who she was. It’s like a window opened.” – Yael Pardess

“I was very touched by our conversation with my beloved Baby. You truly have the gift. My chiropractor says you are right in your understanding. Great call, thank you!” – Teresa Wekid

“Un-believe-able. I could go on and on. My husband and I. and our horses really grew a lot through this whole thing. There’s just real peace among all the horses and his leg seems to be doing better. Thank you so much for caring so much about our animals. Again my absolute gratitude for all that you did for all of us.” – Sonni King

“Nova has improved by leaps and bounds. She comes inside on her own, eats inside, comes to us sometimes when we call, and doesn’t bolt away from us as quickly as she used to. We’ve seen noticeable progress and we know it will continue… just wanted to let you know there’s been an immediate shift. I think she’s also enjoying being rubbed, especially her neck, face and heart chakra!!! YEAH! Thanks” – Marti Ackerman

“My relationship with Tarna has grown so much deeper, thanks to you. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to know Tarna even better than I already did. She seems to be enjoying herself, and I admit I have been spoiling her – she especially loves for me to put gravy, etc. on her meals (and extra treats)! I will keep you posted; I love her so much, and I intend to enjoy every minute we have left together. THANK YOU AGAIN!” – Michele Rhodes Schaumann

“I’m writing as a warming confirmation for the wonderful, beautiful talent you have inside you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a wonderful, wonderful blessing your reading has been for her! Our relationship is blossoming by the day, almost instantaneously since your reading. My gosh. Where do I start?” – Beth Van Dyke

“This opens my mind to listening to the world in deeper ways. Your session was very important to me – to get knowledge, depth and information that will matter in my life” – Julia Mueller

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Christine was remarkable in intuitively recognizing my state of mind and my dear cat, Clarissa, at a time when a lot of difficult things were happening around me. She gently presented information that helped me make decisions as to my kitty’s aging self. She helped me step out of my own circumstances to see what was and was not going on with my dear pet. Truly a blessing.

  2. Thank you Christine for reaching out to Coco, our beautiful German Shepherd, during very difficult times and providing us with a new insight into our relationship with her and ourselves. We felt much closer with her knowing that we could finally understood her side of the equation. Christine was gentle and perceptive in her talks with Coco and really put our minds at ease. Thank you for communicating with our pet and teaching us how to deal with her complex emotional state.

    Chris and Esther

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