Solving Problems

From a new series on Solving Problems. Some problems are easier to solve than others! If you’d like to know more about Genny’s work, just let me know.

I’ve been spending the last few days with my friend Genny, a Reiki Master who lives in New Mexico. Although I’m here in New York City, I’m talking to her animals long-distance and giving her daily reports. Two of the animals are dealing with health problems. Genny’s partner cares for the animals while Genny is working with Reiki clients, but she is away this week. There is an entire family of animals that need food and attention regardless.

Each morning I check in with Genny’s animals. I call her around noon my time/10am hers, and we have a quick chat on where her animals are today. Mirabell, a robust dog, wouldn’t eat her new food for more than 24 hours, which was prescribed to cure her bladder infection. Sonny (a cat with FIV) was throwing up. With my brief check-ins, Mirabell let us know it wasn’t that she was getting more ill, as Genny thought, but she missed the familiar tastes and this food was tasteless! She needed the taste of her familiar soy meat juices to soothe her craving and her emotions from missing Genny’s partner. Sonny let us know that he was suffering from great sadness. I passed this information on to Genny.

Genny used our daily call connection to fix the problem. With my plan of action, she mixed in soy meat juice with the prescribed food. Result: Mirabell ate all her meals today, and the next day, and the next. Of course, Genny is pleased and relieved! Then Genny treated Sonny’s sadness with her Reiki skills, and he’s doing well – how lucky he is to live with a Reiki Master. Sonny offered that he wants to help out this week until Genny’s partner returns. I suggested that he check in with Genny, seeing as how she was the manager of the team, but –

he assured me that as a cat, he knew exactly what to do.