Animal Communication Consultations

Your favorite companion wants to talk to you…

Christine is the link between you and your animal. In a heart-to-heart connection with your animal, Christine communicates your concerns and your animal’s in return. Heart Telepathy travels through thoughts, feelings, images, and physical sensations. I share this communication and guidance with you.

And (here’s the best part) you experience your animal’s unique voice.

Are you concerned about an animal…

  • who has behavior issues?
  • who has physical problems?
  • who is joining your family?
  • who is dying or passed away?

or does your best friend just make you want to know more?

Because an animal’s energy can be accessed through a description or photograph, you can live anywhere and Christine will be able to speak with you and your animal.

You also may discover that your animal has come to you to help you. You may find they have a special purpose in your life. Your animal may also share similar behaviors, traits and problems as you do, in order to help you both grow. Talking with Christine in a session can reveal this and help you both understand how to work it well!

Wondering which puppy or kitten to choose? A session can reveal their personality and their wishes.

How does it work? After talking with you, I bring your concerns into a session with your animal, usually long-distance. Long-distance allows us to be undistracted by appearances, and goes right into the energy of the matter.

You know how you can walk into a room and know someone is upset without them saying a thing? Animals do this all the time, on even longer wave-lengths.

Your animal and I connect and share his or her perspectives on the matter. I feel, see, hear, sense your animal’s responses in a heart-to-heart manner. Then, you and I connect on our phones (we’re not yet as advanced as our animals are, are we!). In an in-depth conversation, around 45 minutes to an hour, I’ll share with you everything and more, opening and improving the situation and your relationship together.

Initial Session starts at $125 US with options for additional animals, emergencies, passed over guidance and bedside assistance.

Our animals love to send us messages all the time.




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