Vitamineral Mix sources

If we’ve talked about it in our session, Vitamineral Mix is a wonderful source to add to your animal’s meal. Anitra Frazier created it many years ago, It’s available not only as a recipe in her book, but also as a pre-mixed formula you can buy online from other sources. We especially had great luck with it regarding two white cats whose fur and skin were itchy and weepy.

RECIPE for Anitra Frazier’s Vita-Mineral Mix for Cats:
1 1/2 cups yeast powder (any food yeast; brewer’s, torula, or nutritional)
1/4 cup kelp powder or 1/4 cup mixed trace mineral powder

1 cup lecithin granules
2 cups wheat bran
2 cups bone meal, calcium lactate, or calcium gluconate

Mix together and store in a covered container. Be sure to refrigerate.¬†Add 1 teaspoon of Vita-Mineral Mix to each cat’s meal (2 teaspoons per cat per day)

From the book: THE NATURAL CAT by Anitra Frazier

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