How to Use Flower Essences

and how they can help us with our animals.

There are many essences available to us now. The ones I’ve used and appreciate are Bach Flower Essences, Living Tree Orchid Essences, Desert-Alchemy Flower Essences, and Young Living Oils, but this is not an exclusive list.

If appropriate, a Communication Session includes suggested Essences, as I find they can be a supportive tool.

What Essences and Oils Can Do:
An exact essence can balance the emotion being experienced, so the underlying problem can then be worked on. Changes may be seen directly from the animal, or we may see subtle changes in other areas that give insight, keeping in mind the essence’s purpose.

For instance, I might use an essence to help an animal with fear of storms. After using it, the animal may relax, or I may receive information from another source, that will help me with the problem, such as being told about a new thunder-coat from a concerned friend.

Using an essence is like shouting to the Universe,
“Can you send me some information here, please?”
and then opening the window to get the reply by telegram.

Field Flowers Southern California

Field Flowers Southern California

How Is An Essence or Oil Chosen?
The essences I suggest to you in our consultation are very specific to your animal, and our communication. I never “think” about which essence would fit the situation best. Instead, I connect to the animal, and use intuitive tools to make the choice specifically for each animal and each situation. I am always amazed at how appropriate the choice is for this animal at this time.

How Do I Use an Essence or Oil?
Generally, the Essence will come in a small colored bottle filled with liquid, having a dropper-stopper. You will use it with your animal alone, but it’s even better if your entire animal and human family join in.

Animals: Four to six drops of each essence in water bowl each day, for at least 6-8 weeks. (Cumulative effect). Tap or spring water, not distilled or fizzy. No worries if the other animals drink the water – it only works on the animal that is in need of it, otherwise it passes thru. Acute: apply directly to gums or paw pads.
Humans: Morning fill a glass with water and add 2-4 drops of each Flower from the bottles. Take the liquid in sips over 15 minutes until finished. (Easily done, while checking emails).

More than One Essence? Use one Bottle with Dropper (mixing bottles available where Essences are sold).

Add 3 drops of each essence to 1 ounce spring water (or high quality tap water or filtered water) in the bottle.  Acute: Take 4 drops of the mixture, 4 times a day directly on the tongue.  For fullest effect, take the drops about 10 minutes before a meal or at least 30 minutes after. Before swallowing keep the mixture in your mouth a few seconds.

If you feel like you need to take the dosage more frequently the first week, it is fine.  Take this combination 18 to 28 days and then reevaluate.

What Precautions Do I Need to Know About?

I’ll remind you of the precautions when we have our session. Some of the essences use a small trace of alcohol which is used to preserve the essence. I understand it’s very minute, but this is important information to consider if anyone is alcohol sensitive.

While these essences are otherwise fine for humans and people, some oils (and plants) are poisonous, especially to cats. Do not assume that because an oil is okay for you to use, it is okay for your cat to use.

Remember: None of this information or in our session is meant to, or should be construed to, be a diagnose, nor is it ever to take the place of your Veterinarian’s wisdom and guidance, or to delay you in taking your animal to appropriate medical care.


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