Animal Communication Class!

“Beginning Animal Communication Workshop”
to usher in a new relationship between your best friend and you

and a new Workshop
“Grief into Gratitude”
to help us, when our animals pass and we want to hear the messages they send.

Oil by Louis Corinth 1902

Oil by Louis Corinth 1902

No experience necessary. For more information and to reserve your place: Learn Howl! Classes.

Currently Los Angeles (June 21+22) and Santa Barbara (June 14+15), but let me know if you’d like to set up another location.

What’s it like to take Christine’s Workshop?
Denise Martel, Austin, Texas workshop participant June, 2011, says – “I was incredibly surprised and overjoyed with the connections I was able to make with my own pet and a friend’s during only a few hours at my first workshop with Christine. I was really unsure of how it would all work, would I be able to “do it” and what is it all about? more

Christine is a wonderfully patient and compassionate teacher. She artfully guided us through several steps preparing our way and my workshop partner and I were both astounded and amazed at our validated experiences! I highly recommend Animal Awakening workshops to anyone with beloved pets, or with animals in their lives. It has changed my outlook!”

I would love you to join with me in the bliss of communication with your best friend.

Animal Communications


Are you concerned about an animal


  • who has behavior issues?
  • who has physical problems?
  • who is joining your family?
  • who is dying or passed away?

or does your best friend just make you want to know more?

“Christine has so much respect and love for animals as beautiful wise and full beings that it makes the communication she brings very real, alive. It’s like a window opened.”

more …

Solving Problems

From a new series on Solving Problems. Some problems are easier to solve than others! If you’d like to know more about Genny’s work, just let me know.

I’ve been spending the last few days with my friend Genny, a Reiki Master who lives in New Mexico. Although I’m here in New York City, I’m talking to her animals long-distance and giving her daily reports. Two of the animals are dealing with health problems. Genny’s partner cares for the animals while Genny is working with Reiki clients, but she is away this week. There is an entire family of animals that need food and attention regardless.

Each morning I check in with Genny’s animals. Continue reading