Animal Communicator, Christine

Christine Sang is a compassionate, grounded intuitive Animal Communicator, partnering with dogs, cats, elephants, stingrays, parrots, horses (and their guardians!) through homes, rescue centers, ranches and zoos, working with clients all over the world (and beyond) to transform relationships, since 2005.

From 2005-2009, Christine was the only Continental U.S. Associate of esteemed communicator, Carol Gurney. Christine holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of Minnesota, is certified by Gurney’s Comprehensive AC Program, a certified Yoga Instructor through Shiva Rea, and comes from a family background of grief counseling, Space Shuttle exploration and the arts.

While each of her Animal Consultations is directly heart-to-heart, she also incorporates knowledge in Chakras, Kundalini Reiki, Animal Energies, Prana Yoga, Healing Assists, and Flower Essences. Christine has donated communication sessions to Broadway Barks, Amanda Rescue Foundation, Katrina, NYPet Fashion Show Rescue.

As an Animal Communicator, she has been a guest Speaker for Animal Spirit Cafe Mastery Hour, interviewed in the Baltimore Sun, referred to in MSNBC online, was a recent consultant to FremantleMedia, and contributes to Penelope Smith’s Voice of Experience column in Species Link, the Journal of Interspecies Communication (most recently in Autumn issue, 2011).

Believing education is the key to consciousness and acceptance, Christine gives AC workshops in LA, NYC, TX, MN and online, and teaches energy movement for humans at Fordham University-Lincoln Center, and Italy. One of her favorite holidays is the yearly celebration of Animal Blessing Day. She is currently writing a book on Grief and Animals, blogs at and is found at She is the happy guardian of Marcello, a long-snouted rescue collie/shepherd who keeps Christine and her husband Charlie’s noses out of trouble in Austin, Santa Monica and New York City.

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