Blessings for Your Animals Day is October 4 (many celebrate October 2)

Pet Blessing DayWorld-wide, twice a year, Animals are blessed in special celebrations. Guide your heart to focus on the blessing our animals are. Take a moment in your life, and with full awareness, share it with your animal. Include the animals with you in body and the ones in spirit. Let them know how much you love them with a special blessing.

you can use the one below if you wish

“I give deep thanks for (each animal’s name). I take time this minute to remember that we live and work and love among the animals. I am inspired to be their friend, to listen to their wisdom and their humor, love them, to protect them from harm, and to thank them for each moment they share with me. Especially today, I ask blessings on (each animal’s name) who is the companion of my life. I pledge to care for them tenderly and faithfully, and to remember that we are not alone on the earth. I translate my outpouring of love and gratitude for (each animal’s name) into love and gratitude for all species.”